Tuesday, November 18, 2014

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Friday, October 3, 2014

A Light in the Darkness by Guest Blogger Michael Plemmons

A little over two thousand years ago a baby was born whose birth was foretold by prophets of God since Moses. The celestial angels filled the heavens in a universal outbreak of joy, singing, and rejoicing, that this day had finally come.

Shepherds tending their flocks at night having beheld this spectacle made their way down the hillsides of Bethlehem, and having found him, stood in amazement as they beheld him in a manger wondering within themselves what it all meant.

  Jesus always had the ability to amaze as at the age of twelve he stood in the temple surrounded by the doctors of the law, and demonstrated by his words the power of God which he carried within him. Only someone who carried in his heart a connection with his Father could have told his exasperated parents that they should have known they would find him in his Father's house.

 John in prophetic wonder stood on the banks of the Jordan and proclaimed to one and all that another was coming. How marvelous that Jesus came to be baptized by John at the start of his ministry. Three years of miracles and wonders  followed all leading to one night.

 On that night the meek Nazarene made his way out of Jerusalem into the Judean hillside. This was a trip he had made many times before. This night was unlike any that had ever been experienced. As he made his way to the garden his disciples walked with him. They had spent many a night in the past three years with him but this time it was different.

 He who had given of himself to so many,  on this night carried an internal weight upon his heart. As he and his disciples entered the garden Jesus took Peter, James, and John and withdrew himself to pray. His spirit was consumed with an agony only God could understand or carry.

Only he and his Father truly understood what had to be done. The internal agony within his soul manifested itself in the great drops of blood that fell from his face to the dusty ground of the garden. Yet within his heart he could see beyond the agony he was soon to face.

The human race would through his sacrifice find the doorway open to the Father of love. No longer would mankind be doomed to live in the shadows filled with pain, sorrow , and fear. Ever since that day the Father has given the love, understanding, and direction of God to one and all because of the sacrifice of his son.

Jesus was a light to that generation and all that have followed. Today we see many things happening in our world that are causing great concern to millions around the globe. War, famine, and epidemic diseases have claimed tens of thousands of lives. Add to that the economic uncertainty and we can readily  understand the fear that grips the heart of so many today.

So fearful heart whatever your pain, sorrow, or fear, he is one whispered prayer away. He understands and stands ready to wipe the tears from your eyes, and the grief and fear from your heart.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Power Behind ISIS

Guest Post

By Richard L. Spangler

 Most people are concerned and rightly so about the rise of ISIS. The brutality of these Islamic Terrorists, the mass executions and beheadings, are shocking. I began asking the Lord Jesus to reveal the spirit behind these terrorists and how do we as believers’ war against the power behind ISIS and defeat it and them.
      I was recently led into a study of Jonah and was then led by the Holy Spirit to take a look at Nineveh. Most of us know some of the story Jonah and Nineveh and how Jonah did not want to go there because they were an evil people and an enemy of Israel. As I looked deeper into Nineveh, I found it was the capital of the Assyrian Empire and it was brutal its enemies and its own people. The leaders of Nineveh would use terror and brutality in order to maintain control over the empire. Their methods included, mass beheadings and making pyramids out of the heads, impaling people on stakes (an early form of crucifixion) and nailing bodies to the walls of the various cities in empire. This sounds strangely familiar to what is being done today by ISIS.
  This is more than a man or a group of individuals doing these things for a short time in history. As we have seen these tactics have been used for thousands of years and have been used in the same region of the earth for the same purpose to control and rule over man by whatever means necessary. It is an evil principality causing men to control and manipulate mankind. It can be called the Assyrian Principality. Control over men is a tool that this principality uses to wage war against God and to stop the Word of God from being fulfilled. This is why all of these men and empires and governments have a demonically inspired hatred of Jews and Christians and an overwhelming drive to wipe out all Jews and Christians.  
   I asked the Lord, “How do we fight an evil spirit which is a principality?”
 The Lord said, “You don’t, I do. Ask Me to rise up and fight.”
 I then asked, “How do we ask?”
The Lord spoke, “Call upon all the Young Lions of Judah, and tell them how is the time to roar in Spirit. To raise the sound of praise and worship from every corner of the earth and intercede for mankind.”
 I pondered for days about the Lord had said. Then I woke up one day an hour and half early by the Spirit and I was immediately and passionately worshipping the Lord God, Our Father. Then I found myself transitioning by the Holy Spirit. He led me into repentance for my sins. There was a release of forgiveness that was amazing and could not help but worship God more.
  Then I found myself crying out for forgiveness for the Church as a whole. The Spirit then moved me to cry out for forgiveness for our nation. And remind the Lord of the covenant with this nation.  After this, I began declaring His faithfulness to Israel and to His Bride (the Church). Then I began to declare that the Lord magnifies His Word above His Name (Psalm 138:2 AMP).
 With that I cried out for the Lord God to arise and defend His Word from the Assyrian Principality, who has declared war on His people Israel, His Bride (the Church) and His Holy Word. I called on the Lord God of Heaven and Earth to wage war against this principality destroying its stronghold on the earth and totally defeating it and bringing confusion to its servants (men) on the earth. I Worshiped and Praised God for the victory.
  This experience in worship and intersession is the guideline for the Young Lions of Judah to stand and roar in the Spirit against the Assyrian Principality and its allies. It’s time for the Young Lions to Roar.   

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Daily Scroll

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Kings and kingdoms rise and fall, but The Lord Jesus is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father to the Fatherless

Billy was a young man who grew up hard. He came from a poor family and acquired the responsibility to work at an early age. Having barely known his Father, Billy had to learn how to be a man from his uncle and his grandfather.

His mother read the Bible to him and tried to fill his father’s shoes but there’s only so much that a single mom can do. But, she tried her best. From his earliest memory Billy loved music and couldn’t wait until Sunday morning at church. The choir director called for the choir to come forward, meaning that anyone who wanted to sing could come to the stage and join the choir. Billy always jumped at the chance.

Later in life, he had a couple of short visits with his father, but if Billy didn’t contact him, he never contacted Billy. Years passed until a major event happened in Billy’s life. He and his wife had a baby daughter. Billy wanted her to know her grandfather and he her.

Billy’s heart was so full of love and appreciation to God for this beautiful baby that he contacted his father to share the news and extend an invitation to come. A short visit ensued but ended as quickly as it began. Through the coming weeks Billy was generous with pictures and news of the baby, which he shared with his extended family including his father, who lived in another state.

The time came when Billy was preparing to vacation with his family and pass nearby where his father lived. Naturally he assumed that his father would love to see his granddaughter so a phone call was made to make arrangements. When Billy asked for a time to come his father said that he was busy that weekend. When Billy proposed another time he got the same response, too busy. After several attempts to schedule a time to just drop by, Billy got the message. His father had no interest and did not want to see his granddaughter, or his family.

With a broken heart, anger began to rise up within him. A lifetime of rejection culminated in this fresh rejection of his new baby girl. In anger tempered by righteousness indignation, Billy finally stood his ground. He told his father, “All my life you have rejected me. I have suffered at your hand through no fault of my own. Now you are rejecting my daughter! I will not have her ever ask me, “Daddy, why doesn’t Granddaddy love me?”

Oh no. From this moment forward I will not give you another opportunity to reject her again. You want to be left alone? You got it!

That was the last time they ever spoke. Billy broke down as he hung up the phone. He went to the men’s room, locked the door, stood over the sink and wept. Tears of pain, regret and hopelessness flowed like a river down his face. Rejected and alone, he grieved. Not only did he grow up without his father, now his precious daughter wouldn’t have a loving grandfather. The loss was too much to bear.

With a firm grip on both sides of the sink, Billy slowly raised his head and came face to face with his image of pain in the mirror. In this moment, in the depths of his despair, his heavenly Father spoke to his heart.

“Son, He said, I am your Father. My love for you is unwavering. I have always been there for you. When you sang in the choir, I was there for you. When you are lost in indecision, I guide you. When you and your team won the city basketball championship, I was present cheering for you. And when your daughter, whom I formed, was born, I was there rejoicing with you. Son, I am with you always.”

He continued, “Your earthly father may have let you down but son, here in heaven you have many fathers, and they all love you. Take comfort and peace in this fact my son.”

The Bible describes God as, “Father to the fatherless” (Psalm 68:5 NLT).

Jesus said, “For the Father himself loves you dearly” (John 16:27 NLT).

From that day forward Billy always said a special prayer on Fathers Day to his heavenly Father to recognize Him on that special day. It always ends the same,

“Happy Father’s Day Father! I love you!




Friday, March 14, 2014

A Light for Patty By Guest Blogger Michael Plemmons

  In our world, millions of anxious souls greet each new day on a quest for light, a light that would push aside the despair of their broken heart.  Patty was such an anxious soul, caught in the grip of heroin addiction. She had seen both her husband and daughter die from aids which they had contracted by using dirty needles. She longed for a light that would shine far brighter than the inward shadows of despair and fear. She knew that life could be hard and uncertain. The question of her heart was whom can I turn to for answers?

Out of control, Patty finally turned to prostitution to support her habit. On a cold February night she was standing on a street corner wondering if she should end her life. She needed 20 dollars to rent a room and get off the street. In her hopelessness, she mustered a small silent prayer not expecting any help.

Meanwhile, in another part of town the lord began to deal with a Pastor’s heart. Getting his coat and car keys, he left his home not having any idea where he was going. He drove around aimlessly for a time not knowing that God was guiding him. He soon found himself on a street in a part of town to which he had never been. A woman was standing on the corner and the Lord prompted him to pull over and speak to her. Patti got in the car and the young pastor somewhat sheepishly told her he had been sent by God and to give her 20 dollars. Patti was amazed to see her prayer answered so quickly. Weeping, she accepted Jesus into her life and received His light.

Over two thousand years ago despair and fear filled the hearts of the disciples of Jesus as they left the upper room where they had been staying. Slowly and deliberately they made their way from the city to the Mount of Olives. Jesus had told them that he would soon leave them. The weight of the awesome task ahead grieved Him to the marrow of His bones.

It had been three years since he had begun his public ministry, and during that time he had been the voice of the light with his teaching and miracles. Yet all of these things were but a prelude to what was yet to come. He knew that he must die the next day and by that death purchase eternal freedom for every lost soul.

John the Baptist had told of the light to come, a light to the world. Jesus was that light. He asked his Father to remove this cup from him, but he bowed to the will of his Father in order to open the door to the light of His Father. He died so that each wounded heart, each soul filled with grief, every individual should find not merely forgiveness, but an eternal connection to the Father through belief in his Son.

Yours may be a heart wounded by the loss of a loved one, the loss of your job or your home. Your body may be wracked with the pain of disease, or your mind depressed with loneliness or fear.

Whatever you may be facing, Jesus’ mission was to bring the light of life to you. Do not despair. He will fill your heart with His glory, a new internal vision. The light of that glory will drive away the voices of self-loathing and despair, and replace them with love and acceptance, which can only come from the Father of love, the Father of light.