Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day

On this great day in which we Americans celebrate the founding of our Nation, I can't help but reflect on another independence day more than 2ooo years ago. It wasn't a flag that was raised, but never the less it became the greatest symbol of freedom of all time. I am referring of course to the cross.

The cross...the symbol of our independence from bondage to the most incidious slavery ever know to mankind. The slavery to sin and all that it brings.

Our Lord Jesus and our heavenly Father paid the most costly price ever paid for someone's freedom. We mere mortale cannot calculate that cost. Only God knows the totalitly of what it cost them. Freedom isn't free.

Our forefathers paid a price in blood, as well, for our nation's freedom from slavery to a King. Freedom isn't free.

As we lift our nation's flag today to rightly celebrate the success of our forefathers' sacrifice and victory, let us also raise the cross in celebration of our Lord's victory over sin and death, giving us our independence, and His life forever.

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