Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heavenly Intercession by Michael Plemmons Guest Blogger

It has been twelve days now of prayer and intercession for me and thousands of others. So much has happened during this time that I hardly know where to begin. Moses had told me that Father would unveil to me his great purpose in this hour and also his will for my life. I now know what God would have of me and it will be the purpose of this journal to both chronicle the events as they happened, but also the inner struggles and decisions I have made.

Going back twelve days all of us began to intercede for Fathers will to be done. The Holy Spirit overshadowed us in a fire of pure blinding light. He began to share with me details of insight both in my past and its effects on how I got here. He spoke to me in that beautiful still small voice. I knew that although I was linked with him and all these others that he was ministering to each of us on an individual level as well

“Son you have traveled a great distance to find yourself here and you have known me and heard my voice from the beginning indeed you were chosen by Father for his purpose before you were even born. Your mother while you were yet in her womb cried out to us in intercession that we would overshadow you and use you for our work. She did not realize she was anointed of God in praying that which Father had lain on her heart.

You always had the ability to hear our voice. It was a proud day for us that day when as a six-year-old child you gave your heart to us. You have suffered many things including abuses you should never have endured. Satan has always hated you for he saw in you that spark of divine favor Father had for you.

You have spent most of your life seeking our face. Satan knew God’s plan for your life and that it was Father’s will to show you his whole heart and reveal the kingdom to you. It is Father’s plan to have you close to his side always and to dwell in the light with him. Satan thus plagued you with abuse as a child. Yet we knew what Father had planned and also your innermost deep convictions of love, service, and dedication to Father that have always been there. Those who would walk in the glory are tried as by fire. For a time you walked away from us and Satan was allowed to torment you in the very opposite of that which Father had for you.

Yet in the midst of it all your heart was always fixed on us. Think of how unusual your life was even as a small child. How much your heart yearned to hear the word preached even as an toddler. Your mind as yet could not even fully understand what was being said yet in your heart of hearts you responded to our presence.

You always had a deep affection for us and a love for the word. I placed in you that divine touch of hunger to both learn the truth and be fed thereby. Yes you were tormented of hell yet had you not known the depths of darkness as it were you would not be the compassionate servant touched with the wounds of others that you are. Remember that day as a teenager when you for the first time had a conscience awareness of my voice speaking to you, and from that day till now you have always heard me.

Then so many glorious things happened including the years of prophetic training when you both saw and heard things here in our presence that few have ever heard. At the end of which Jesus asked if you were willing to pay the price to go to the next level no matter what the cost and you said yes. It was with both joy and sorrow that we felt such pride in you.

The bodily afflictions you have suffered since November are the afflictions hell has hit you with to again be deterred from Father’s purpose for your life. It is no coincidence son that you have been ill since coming here. Going into this time of intercession your heart has discerned the truth and we would have you reflect once more on what is happening both now and will ever be”

With that the Spirit ceased speaking and my inward conviction was verified. I will continue to pay a price for walking where I have been called to walk. It is Fathers will that I enter that glory cloud I saw back in July and once there to never leave it. I no longer care what I must endure for it is my greatest desire to know his heart and be an obedient son and follow him in his purposes for my life whatever the cost.

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