Saturday, February 21, 2015

Guest Blogger Michael Plemmons, The Prophet's Pen

The Inevitability Of The Kingdom

  My heart is torn by the suffering of the true followers of Jesus Christ all over the world today. We in the west surrounded by our luxuries and affluent lifestyles cannot begin to imagine the suffering for Christ that so many around the world must endure. For them to stand for Christ is a life and death decision. Children with a love of our Lord Jesus Christ are being slaughtered and in so doing demonstrate a faith beyond the ability of those murderers who slay them to even comprehend. 

  We in the west are asleep as the noose is slowly being lowered to take us. I believe those minions of hell are in the name of cultural diversity  step by step taking away the rights of those who stand for Christ. The day will come when to take a stand for Jesus Christ will carry a price here in the west as it is in so much of the rest of the world. 

 Jesus and Paul told us these days would come. I have as a prophet of God been forewarned that these are those days foretold in the word of God. Saints it is time to sell out to God. There is a dark cloud of deception gripping our world today. The word tells us that in the name of god that great persecution will come.

   In spite of all this the disciples of hell shall not prevail for they have not taken into account the might and power of Jehovah.  His will is absolute and his might and power beyond comprehension.  We in the body of Christ must look beyond the current trends happening around the world. No matter how things may appear our God shall prevail. Evil in all its forms must run its course but the end is at hand and our Lord Jesus Christ who conquered death itself when he rose from the dead shall appear at the conclusion of this time of trouble and set up a kingdom that shall never end.

  It is time to sell out to God for all those who pursue evil shall be swept away in the backwash of his kingdom. No power in existence, no demonically inspired forces now at work in this world shall be able to take from us the glory of God we carry in our hearts. Jesus said to look up in these days for all the current troubles at work in our world shall not prevent the final redemption Christ shall bring to all true followers of Christ who seek like Abraham a city whose builder and maker is God.      

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