Saturday, January 13, 2007

The River Of God's Will

Being in the will of God is like being in the
center of a fast flowing river.
In the center of the river is where
the flow is strongest and fastest.
The further away from the center you drift,
the slower and less directed the flow.
You still flow, but not as strong nor as sure.
When you get out of the river,
you must make your own way.
On your own way,
you find it more difficult to move forward.
There are obstacles.
You may move parallel to the river,
but because of obstacles
that you must move around,
you usually end up moving in a different direction than the river.
You could go back
to the place where you left the river,
but that is not practical.
Your place in the river has moved on without you.
Maybe your place was filled with another,
or maybe your place in the river remained unfilled.
Do not fret,
for there is another place in the river for you.
Make your way to the river
at whichever point along your journey you are now.
Wade out from the shore and into the flow.
Don’t be satisfied with an ankle deep,
knee deep, or waist deep place in the river.
Abandon yourself, head over heels,
to the center of the river
where the flow is strongest
and most sure.
In the
Will of

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Rev. Don Spitz said...

Very moving and I too love Jesus Christ very much. He saved me from my sins which were destroying my life. I would have ended up in eternal hell fire had it not been for his grace and love towards me.