Monday, January 22, 2007

The Tip Of God’s Spear

Today, while in prayer for our troops in Iraq, God gave me a vision. In the Spirit, I saw an aerial view of Iraq and the surrounding countries. There appeared a giant spear stuck in the city of Baghdad. It was as large as the city and the shaft extended out high into the sky.

As I surveyed the scene, I heard the voice of the Lord say, “Your nation is the tip of my spear. I am using it as a stopgap to hold back the tide of what is to come. I do this so that others might have time to find my grace.”

This vision was quite unexpected because it came to me during a Sunday school class prayer over the needs of the class. Someone requested prayer for our troops and God responded.

I have learned that there are three aspects to a vision such as this. First, is the visual image shown by the Spirit. Second is the verbal expression, the words that the Spirit says. And third, is the aspect which is the most difficult to describe. It is the feeling you have as you discern the emotion and feelings of the Lord, which comes through as the Spirit speaks.

In the Spirit, I could feel the strength of His determination and control over this situation in Iraq. We Americans debate over how to conduct the war on terrorism depending on our political, religious, or social perspectives. But we Christians must pray for God’s will in Iraq. Our nation is not only the tip of God’s spear in the natural world, but we are the tip of God’s spear in the spiritual world. We must pray, pray, pray!

We are not only in a war on terrorism in the physical realm; we are in a war on terrorism in the spiritual realm. As our nation fights this war in the physical realm, let us fight this war, in prayer, in the spirit realm.

We are the tip of God’s spear!

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