Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mommy, who is Jesus?

A little child asks mommy, "Who is Jesus?" But what does mommy say? How does mommy answer. What if mommy doesn't know? How many modern day christians sit in church every week and listen to song after song, sermon after sermon, and yet would still find it hard to answer that question? Think about your own life. Reflect back on your last month, or year of church services, and pretend that what you learned was all you ever knew about Jesus. Would you be able to answer the little child as to who is Jesus?

If your answer is no, then you would be like many Christians in our society today. We have a certain knowledge of Jesus which revolves mostly around the historical story of His life. But if you were sitting in a restaurant and Lord Jesus sat down at the table behind you and began to speak loud enough for you to overhear His conversation, would you recognize His voice? Would you recognize the inflection and manner of His speech, the tone and tenor of His speech? Would His gentleness and kindness make you sit up and take notice? Would His laugh make you turn and stand to your feet and address Him with joy?

He says in the word that His sheep know His voice. Well, do we? Is there anything we can tell the child about Him from our knowledge? Not the knowledge we received from listening to others, but I mean first hand knowledge. Impossible? Rediculous, you say? Then why does the word say His sheep know His voice?

We are all capable and more than welcome to come into a personal intimate knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is His desire for us to know Him and to have fellowship with Him in the Spirit. Our head knowledge of Him can only be limited and two dimensional. It takes our following Him in the Spirit to come into the perfect place where friendship can develop and grow.

Through that friendship, Lord Jesus becomes three dimensional in our lives, and the reality of His precious presence fulfils our entire spirit, soul, and body. This relationship is possible for all believers, and enables us to answer the child with joy and confidence as we tell about our Lord, Master, and friend Jesus.

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