Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sharing In The Solitude OF Christ

Have you ever felt alone? How is it possible to be lonely in a world with the most technological advances, and various methods of communications in the history of the world? We walk down a crowded street, and yet we might as well be in a desert. We sit in a church with dozens of smiling faces all around worshiping and serving the same Lord, yet we might as well be floating in a raft adrift in the vast atlantic ocean. This doesn't seem right! It makes you want to scream, HEY!!!!! I'm here! It's me!

What is going on? How can God allow this? Well, did you ever think that just possibly God could be causing your solitude? God gave Adam a woman, a help mate, because it was not good that he be alone. And yet, there was a place in Adam that couldn't be filled by Eve. There is a place in us, once discovered, that can only be filled by the presence of the Lord.

Once you've known God's presence, nothing, no nothing can satisfy. Nothing else fulfills the longing and desire deep down in our spirits for Him. While in His earth walk, Lord Jesus suffered loneliness unmatched by the lonliness of anyone else. Imagine the shock to His system being on the earth in a human body restrained by the limitations of the gravity of mankind. We couldn't understand His lonliness, yet as we become more aware of Christ in us, we become more aware of every feeling, every experience, every thought, and everything that is Christ.

Homesick? Sure He was homesick for the glory and fellowship He shared with Father and the Holy Spirit in heaven. Yet He loved us so much He suffered that lonliness for our sakes.

So, what is it for us to suffer a measure of that lonliness? It is a small price to pay, to know Him in the fellowship of loneliness. To really know Him, it is a blessing to share in His surffering loneliness. This, and all suffering is earthly and one day, we will shed it like a cocoon forever. But until then, we have the Holy Spirit to comfort us in our suffering. Loneliness in a crowded world seems incredulous, but it happens to most people including believers.

So don't resent God, no, embrace loneliness as a gift of God used as a tool to draw us even closer to Him. And the best thing is, that He is acutely aware of every fiber of our being in our entire spirit, soul, and body. So loneliness in the world is nothing as compared to the glory of walking in the Spirit in fellowship with Them, the Three.

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