Thursday, June 9, 2011

God's Love, God Heart

By Shanna Wolfe   Guest Blogger
I feel very blessed to have been chosen by God to receive such beautiful visions of Himself. Often, when I do have these visions my mind cannot quite comprehend the experience. It just seems to be to extraordinary and to wonderful to behold. However, it's exactly as the the Lord shows me. If it is God showing it, then it's meant to be received as truth. God is not a man that he should lie. Who am I to say what God is showing me is authentic or not? I know the visions are real. The visions I have are always backed up by scripture.

One night, while I was sitting on my couch (most my visions happen while I'm sitting on the couch) the Lord asked me a question. He asked, "Ask me anything and I will grant it to you?"

My heart swelled with overwhelming joy when He presented me with this wonderful opportunity.

I replied to the Lord saying, "Lord, I want your heart. I want to know you personally."

In a vision I saw the Father standing next to Jesus. The Father dropped to His knees, wrapped His arms around Jesus, and began to cry when I said this to Him. In that moment, I began to understand just how desperately the Lord wanted me/us to know Him personally. He craves it with all His heart, mind and Holy Spirit. My hope is that I can get the concept of God's great love into my own heart and spirit! It's a beautiful, beautiful thing we have in God.

I am thankful to have God as my god. I cannot image having a God who was far off and distant. My God is right there wanting a personal, loving and intimate relationship with me/you on passionate level.


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