Friday, March 16, 2007

Stuck Between “The Old Days” And “The Next Level”

It’s funny how believers who have been at church a long time, maybe all their lives, become dissatisfied with the way things are and find themselves desiring more. They either want to move up to the “Next Level” or long for the “Old Days.”

When we look at others around us, the services at church, etc., we tend to scrutinize and analyze everything except a mirror. Let’s face it, everything is changing in the church and the world in general, so we must hold fast to the faith and the fundamentals that we were brought up with as long as it is locked steadfastly into the Word which never changes.

However, we must realize that God is always doing something new in the earth. The world may be spinning too fast for some people and too slow for others but God has the perspective from being the same yesterday, today and forever because He actually lives and exists right now in the past, present, and future, all at the same time.

So. What do we do to become satisfied? How do we escape from being stuck between the “Old Days” and the “Next Level?” It’s simple. Plug into the eternity of God. Delve into Him. Eat, sleep, and drink Him. Face the mirror and become so filled with Him that as you gaze into the mirror, you behold more of Him than you. Look into the mirror and see Him. Then you will have achieved all that is!

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